The BKS (Concrete Control Systems) GmbH

We are an independent testing and service company with focus on construction supervision and building material testing.

Quality is defined by the degree of correspondence between requirements and expectations. Only professionals with a lot of experience and competence are able to evaluate products and services.

The BKS (BetonKontrollSysteme) GmbH is made of professionals who all have many years’ experience from the construction and concrete sectors. The company has the expertise to determine the compliance of raw materials and finished buildings with individual goals or existing norms. For this purpose the company is provided with modern technical equipment and an own laboratory so that objective results can be provided with the help of own measuring results. The way to quality objectives, which play a more and more important role with regards to cost efficiency and longevity, presents a challenge for many companies. The BKS GmbH offers the necessary consultation services and thus closes the gaps in the chain of a holistic quality optimization process.
The many years of professional competence, the direct contact to customers and the courage to invest in new ideas have become guarantors of a successful company history.